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Who installs the tents? 

Our tent crew installs the tent for your utmost convenience.


Do the tents come with lighting and sides? Tents do not automatically come with lights or sides, but you can always add them on to your purchase.


Does Brothers Events offer site visits prior to the event? Yes, we are more than happy to check out your space before tent installation to see what size tent would work best for your event. 


When does Brothers Events deliver and pick up rented supplies? 

We typically deliver 1-3 days before your event and pick up a 1-3 days after your event. It all depends on our schedule that week. We let you know your delivery details about a week before your event. We can make special arrangements when booking.


Does Brothers Events have a delivery fee? Yes, it depends on your specific location and event needs. The fee includes: delivery, set up and breakdown.


How do I know what type of tent I need? It depends on the surface you would like the tent set up on. We offer pole tents and frame tents. Pole tents can only be set up on grass or surfaces that we can stake into. Frame tents can be set up on any surface.


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